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Q: Are LED sticks safe for youngsters to use? 
A: Yes, they are. US government has validated that all LEDs are safe for ordinary use. This incorporate toys and decorative items. 

Q: Are LED sticks reusable? 
A: Yes, most of the LED lights are reusable and have a long life. LED lights to utilize almost less power/electricity, and have a long life. Glow Universe also has the collection of LED batteries, so you can continue utilizing the toys for a longer time. 

Q: What sorts of batteries are used in LED items? 
A:  LED button batteries that are available in the market, are generally used as a replacement to be fit in the toy or decorative items. 

Q: Are LEDs awful for nature? 
A: No, not at all. LEDs are eco-friendly in all aspects. They use semiconductor innovation to create a little vitality and give immense lighting that does not have heat as compared to normal ones.

Q: Are LEDs equivalent to Glowstick? 
A: Although some individuals sometime utilize the terms conversely, LED light use battery power to make light. Glowstick utilizes a synthetic response to make light. Both offer an equivalent approach in terms of giving effective lightening.

Q: How would I be able to keep my LED items working for a large extent?
A:  To upgrade full battery life, turn off items when not being used. LED settings ordinarily utilize less vitality than the consistent setting. Lights will regularly illuminate for 3-8 hours whenever it get switched on. The single color LED items will illuminate longer than multi-color items. Once you change the batteries, the glowing items will illuminate like new ones. The normal time span of usability of batteries is around 1 year. 

Q: Can I get my logo imprinted on the request? 
A:  In case you think that the logo or fine art would look wonderful imprinted on something that illuminates, we can do that for you. Our specialized team can add your logo to over a thousand sorts of light up items with a fast pivot time. Normal production time takes 5-7 business days. We can even make something absolutely custom and exceptional for you.                     

Q: To what extent do glow sticks last? 
A:  Glow sticks come in different category and sizes.
Premium Glow sticks: Available in 6 inch and last for 6-8 hrs with shelf value of 12-24 months.
Standard Glow Sticks:  Available in 1.5”, 2”, 4”, 6”, 12” and last for 6-8 hrs. Shelf value is 18-24 months.
Emergency glow sticks: Available in 6” and lasts for 12 hrs to pave light for trucks and vehicles.  Shelf value is 18-24 months.

Q: How to start a glow in the dark? 
A: To activate glow stick , you need to blend the glow stick. By twisting the stick, you will split the inward glass ampoule that houses the 'activator'. When you hear a break within the ampoule, give the glow stick a decent shake to appropriately combine the chemical and get the light response. 

Q: Does temperature influence a glowstick? 
A:  Yes. Heat actually increases the light radiating response causing a glowstick to glow more fabulously but for a shorter time frame. As the temperature decline towards the freezing point, dimmer will be the glowing impact of glow stick. However, the time span will be longer.

Q:  Is Glow stick actually safe?
A:  Yes, absolutely right. You can use glow sticks for different purpose as per your requirement easily without any hassle. Glow Universe has quality glow sticks that can be used for different purpose at a particular time.

Q:  Can we reuse Glowstick?
A:  Glowstick once activated will glow until the chemical reaction is finished. The fully discharged glowstick is not reusable.

Q:  Are glow sticks waterproof and safe?
A:  Yes, the chemical based glow sticks are sealed in a plastic tube and are completely waterproof. These can be used by scuba divers and coast guards to make things more visible underwater.

Q:  Why need to store glowstick tube in a cool dry place if unused?
A: Glow light sticks are supposed to be kept in cold dry place as chemical contained in the tube gets aggravated and start producing more heat which eventually start reducing its shelf value.