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Glow Sticks Info

Glow sticks are the best way to gain attention in events and parties. These glow sticks come in different colors are available at We have premium, standard as well as emergency glow sticks in different size and colors.Just choose whatever you want and we will deliver best quality Glow Sticks.

Glow Sticks Information and Resources

  • Premium Glow Sticks:

Our premium 6” glow sticks come in best quality and last for the longest time. Premium light sticks come with a connected snare and are separately bundled. Premium glow sticks have time term of 6-8 hours with a shelf value of 18-24 months.

  • Standard Glow Sticks:

At Glowuniverse, we have variant sizes in which standard glow sticks are available online that lasts for 8 hrs. Choose from the different sizes starting from 1.5” 4” 6” and 12” available in different colors. These glow sticks can be transformed to bracelets, aviators, bunnyears easily with the help of connectors. These last for 6-8 hrs and have a shelf value of 18-24 months.

  • Emergency light Glow sticks

Though emergency light glow sticks last long, they turn out to be useful when it matters the most. Available in 6” inch, these emergency glow sticks emit lights for 12 hrs and have a shelf value of 18-24 months. These prove to be quite essential during the contingency and are helpful to pave directions to trucks and other vehicles. You can use them anytime when it matters the most.

  • Glow Bracelets

Choose from the colors of glowstick with connectors available to convert these as bracelets which you can use in dance parties, community music events, fairs, carnivals, etc. Available in different size and varieties of glowstick such 8” and 10”, Glowuniverse gives you a wide option of bracelets to choose from. Shop for glow bracelets online in bulk and acquire exclusive offers.

  • Glow Necklace

At Glowuniverse, we have glowstick available in different colors that can be bent easily and make necklace through connectors to be worn during parties, fairs, carnivals as well as festivities. We have 22” and 24” glow stick necklaces in single color, dual or tricolor options.We also have Glow leis and Twister necklace in different sizes to opt from.

  • Glow Party Packs

Glow sticks available in different size can be converted into bracelets, aviators, bunny ears, magic wands, lanterns and that too in single, dual or multi color options. Choose from the colors you want to order party packs for making your party memorable. At Glowuniverse, we have a stock of 8” and 12” glow sticks, which can be transformed in different shapes that can add charm to the party.

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